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My name is Sandra - And this is my blog - (JeanzBookReadNReview)

Where were you born and where do you call home?
I was born at my grandparents house at Hull. I now live in Knottingley, WestYorkshire.

How long have you been blogging? 
Not very long, just since the second week of August this year!

What is the name of the book you most recently blogged about?
The Bringer by Samantha Towle, as that is the book I am reading now.

What did you think about the cover?
I found it interesting; it made me want to see what the book is about. Exactly what a good cover should do to the reader.

If you could ask the Author 2 questions what would they be?
Where did you get the idea of the Bringer taking you to heaven from, rather than what is traditionally thought an angels job?
Is this book part of a series?

What was your most favorite character and why?
The “Bringer” is my favourite character even though I have only just started to read the book as she is mysterious and even though she is not supposed to have the ability to have emotions she still wants to help other people. (can’t say too much or mention names as it may spoil the book for others)

If this book was part of a series, would you read the next book?
I think this is part of a series and if this book continues to be as good as it is now I would love to read a second book.

Was this a book you were asked to review or did you buy it?
This book is one of the books in my Awesome August Giveaway, so I was kindly given it by the author for me to read and review

Have you written a book yourself or are you planning to in the future?
No I haven’t written a book. I often think I should write down the experience I had of a miscarriage eighteen years ago for the Miscarriage Association to use to promote their cause, but I never seem to be able to word what I want to say. I suppose when the time is right the words will form themselves. Although it is eighteen years ago it is too private and emotional to share it yet.

What genre is your favorite and why?
Paranormal/Dystopian is my favourite at the moment, its good escapism, which is exactly what you want from a good book. Having said that I will read most genres, I started out as a child reading my aunties Catherine Cookson books, then went on to another Aunties Virginia Andrews , and from there I have always read. I also love memoirs and biographies and have recently been given a steampunk book to try.

What are 3 of you all-time favorite books?
Hmmm thats a difficult one, the three books I would recommend to people are The Island by Victoria Hislop that I read in one day....I did nothing but read that day! .....There are so many especially ones I have read lately, Forever Sunshine by Collette Scott is brilliant and very emotional, I passed that one on to my mum to read on my kindle and she too cried. I suppose I should also say Twilight by Stephenie Meyer as that was the book that introduced me to the paranormal genre, but, I have read.....dare I say it? Even better than her book since.

Do you prefer ebooks, paperbacks or hardcover?
Honestly I love all books, but lately due to my HMS hardcovers are difficult to handle, even paperbacks sometimes feel too heavy so I would have to go with ebooks on my kindle.

Where do you prefer to buy your books?
For my kindle of course it’s, but I love a good nosey in a book shop like The Works.....I can always find 3 books for £5! I also like browsing and inevitably buying form both (first place I bought books from online) and
And I suppose I should mention I used to work at WH Smith’s so used to be surrounded by books and usually spent lots of my wages that I earnt there too!

Have you ever read a book more than once?
Er....I don’t think I have. I’m a bit like when it’s read I pass it on for someone else to read if it’s paperback or hardcover.

Is there a particular movie or TV series that you preferred over the book version?
Probably the harry Potter series. Just because ....and I don’t mean it as criticism I got fed up of reading the books.

What book are you currently reading and in what format (ebook/paperback/hardcover)?
As I said in the recently blogged question I am reading The Bringer by Samantha Towle and it is an ebook that she kindly gave me to review. It is also in my Awesome August Giveaway too.

What book do you know that you will never read?
There’s not a specific book just genres I am not so keen on like really religious books, or horror. Then again if the book sounded okay and as if I may like it I would still give it a go.

Are there any new Authors that have grasped your interest recently and why?
Loads, you of course, I am waiting for your Paradox book two to be out! And Collette Scott even though I hadn’t been reading anything out of the paranormal genre I really loved her book Forever Sunshine. I like looking for new authors, I always used to pick up the new debut authors when I was working with books and usually ended up buying them. Now I look on Fantastic Fiction to see who the new authors are, or I try to find new authors to try on Goodreads.

What are your thoughts on book trailers?
Truthfully I don’t bother with them much, I would rather read a blurb than watch a mini trailer for a book. Though that opinion could change as more authors seem to be doing them nowadays.

Do you ever blog in your PJ’s?
Sometimes, yes lol

Cats or dogs?

White wine or red?
I don’t actually drink as I am on medication.

Coffee or tea?
Decaff Coffee, or Decaff Tea sometimes I drink redbush tea, or even nettle tea.

Vanilla or chocolate icecream?

What is a movie or TV show that you watched recently and really enjoyed?
I loved the Blue Bloods police series on Sky Atlantic. I don’t seem to watch so much tv, I would rather read a book. The last dvd I watched was West is West and That was quite funny.

Where can your readers follow you?

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with me and allowing us a glimpse into your blogging world. 

Thank you for sharing and thank you for blogging.  We Authors really appreciate all your time and effort in getting our books out there.  Patti

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