Friday, September 30, 2011

My name is Kim And I am a blogger! This is my blog - Caffeinated Book Reviewer

Hi Kim, where were you born and where do you call home? I was born in Haddon Heights, NJ but make my home in the Midwest now.

How long have you been blogging? I've been blogging since the end of July. I was posting reviews on Goodreads and B&N. I belonged to a lot of online book clubs and someone suggested I create a book review blog.

What is the name of the book you most recently blogged about? I just finished Canyons of the Night by Jayne Castle (Krentz)

What did you think about the cover? There are two covers for this book. One has a woman clad in leather and the other shows her face. I like the 2nd.

If you could ask the Author 3 questions what would they be?
I have actually asked her a few questions on B&N Romance board. I would just like to chat with her about where she gets her ideas and what will happen next. I am very excited about the Rainshadow storyline.

Can you name one of your favorite chapters? When I get my hands on one of her books, I complete immerse myself in it. I usually read the book in 24 hrs and sometimes go without sleep.

If this book was part of a series, would you read the next book? Actually this book is #12 in the Arcane Society series and book #3 of the Looking Glass Trilogy

Was this a book you were asked to review or did you buy it? I preordered it!

Have you written a book yourself or are you planning to in the future? No, I am not a novelist, although the idea of it sounds romantic. I think, I will just continue to share my love of reading by reviewing them.

What genre is your favorite and why? 5 yrs ago I would have said historical romance and mystery. Today I read books from every genre..from non-fiction to science fiction.
I am partial to paranormal and urban fantasy though ;)

If you were shipwrecked on a desert island what 3 books would you want with you?
First, I hope there are coffee plants on this island. Gosh, this is so tough. I would probably bring a few classics one from Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and Mark Twain

Is there an Author that you would really like to meet? I’d love to have coffee with Kat Richardson. I love her Greywalker series

Do you prefer eBooks, paperbacks or hardcover? I love them all, but since getting my Nook, I’ve been buying a lot of eBooks

Where do you prefer to buy your books? I am pretty faithful to B&N, but I do shop at Amazon and Smashwords

Have you ever read a book more than once? Oh yes

Is there a particular movie or TV series that you preferred over the book version? Nope, I am usually disappointed by the movie. The author’s words and my imagination are so much better.

What book are you currently reading and in what format (eBook/paperback/hardcover)? I am currently reading an ARC of The Baker’s Wife by Erin Healy for Book Sneeze.

What book are you about to start reading? I am very excited about my next read, it is a purchase I made for myself.  Black Prism by Brent Weeks. I am told if you loved The Passage by Justin Cronin ,you will love this book.

Patti Says:  I will have to remember that - I really did enjoy the Passage.

What book do you know that you will never read? I haven’t come across one I would refuse to read. I would imagine anything written by an extremist.

Are there any new Authors that have grasped your interest recently and why?
I read Cross By T.S. Worley recently. The book had my emotions all over the place, and sometimes that’s a good thing.

Have you read a book that you would like to rewrite the ending of? No, I have sometimes been angry by an ending or felt like I wanted answers and was left hanging. Reflecting back, I realized these books spoke to me, made me think and ultimately gave me a good reading experience.

What are your thoughts on book trailers? Love them!

Do you ever blog in your PJ’s? yes, especially in the winter when the mornings are dark and cold

Sleep in or get up early? Up early

Pet peeves?  Rude people

What is on your Christmas wish list? A nook color

If you could plan the perfect holiday, what would it be?
I would be surrounded by all my family, and it would be snowing lightly.

How often do you blog? I try to blog 2 book reviews a week

How many books do you read in a month - roughly? I average about 200 books a year so about 2 to 3 books a week.

Favorite color? green

What are 5 items you never leave home without. Cell phone, chap stick, nook, driver’s license and a cup of Joe

What is your most favorite electronic gadget? My nook

Favorite book character or film character crush.  Yes you can pick 3 :)
Mr. Darcy
Bones (Half-way to the Grave by Jeanne Frost)
Dean (character from Supernatural TV show)
A character you love to hate.
Cats or dogs? Love them both, but we have a turtle, rat and a lion-headed bunny

White wine or red? Red

Coffee or tea? Coffee. In my opinion the greatest drink ever made

Favorite food? Italian

Vanilla or chocolate ice cream? Vanilla bean

What is a movie or TV show that you watched recently and really enjoyed? Fringe and Alphas

Where can we STALK you?

Other: kimba88 on B&N book clubs

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with me and allowing us a glimpse into your blogging world.   Thank you for sharing and thank you for blogging.  Patti

Patti, thank you for having me.  Keep writing and blogging. Kimberly


  1. Hi Patti,
    It is nice to see the tables turn and having an author interview a blogger. Kim, I have learned a little bit more about you.

    Patti/Kim thanks for sharing!

    Maggie - a.k.a ReadingDiva

  2. Hi Maggie - thanks for reading and leaving your comment. contact me if you would like to be interviewed too :) Patti

  3. Great interview ladies! Thanks for sharing. I agree, coffee is the best drink ever made :)


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