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Rayven's thoughts on Paradox - Pandora - She is a chess player and knows how to get under everyone's skin...

Rayven's thoughts.

Did you have a favorite character and if so why?

I loved Abaddon -His character had so much depth. He is dark, corrupt but honest in the fact that he is. A dark warrior so to speak.

Who was your second favorite character and why?

Pandora - She is a chess player and knows how to get under everyone's skin...she could be the catalyst for a good story.

What part of the book did you enjoy the most? The Angel parts (The ancient world) or Grace (today's world)

The Angel part in the Ancient World - it was very detailed and exciting.

Do you remember what parts or chapters you liked the most?

The end - when Abaddon see's his sister again after her time on Earth.

What aspects of the story would you like to know more about?

Oh the Ancient World Abaddon - the back story as to how they got there.

If you could change one thing about the story, what would it be?

Wishing Grace would have showed her wisdom from her experiences more.

I would like to mention is the Author did a fantastic job of catching my imagination and giving me glimpse as to who and what Guardian Angels are. I found her ideas very interesting and I am sure most readers will easily identify with her vision of " Guardian Angels"
The book fits into the fantasy realm though it is labeled as teen and young adult. For myself it gave me my first taste of the world of Angels through Patti Roberts eyes and I was not disappointed. All in all a very good read and be prepared for two stories that will come together in what I hope to be a very exciting follow up book " Paradox - Progeny of Innocence"  This book is a worthy 4 stars!

What are you hoping to read more about in book 2?

Oh I want to know Who Grace really is and see the Angels more active on Earth - Abaddon showing his dark side as the angels gather. I can't wait to see your next book!!

As for your book cover I vote "B" - fits better than the other two.

I would love to do a review for the second book! 

One free copy to a reader daily of Paradox - The Angels Are Here.

Offer leading up to the release of the second book in the series, 
Paradox - Progeny Of Innocence.

Due for release in November 2011.

Two Worlds.  One Ancient - One New.

How does a little girl reliving the brutal deaths of others fit into this Ancient World - 
Where lives are bound by blood - and nothing is as it seems?

A journey that leaves you wanting...
In a World where there are more questions than answers.
Is Your Guardian Angel From Heaven Or Hell?


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