Monday, June 20, 2011

The ancient battle between good and evil is nearing its end. Evil is winning.

Welcome to ROBERT DAVID MACNEIL’s webpage for the exciting new novel, IONA PORTAL. Iona Portal is an epic sci-fi fantasy… a suspense thriller with a supernatural edge.

The unseen world is a many-dimensioned reality: parallel universes populated by humanoid aliens who move between alternate versions of planet E

arth as easily as we shift from sunlight to shadow. Described in our myths as angels, gods, and demons, these trans-dimensional beings visit our world and walk among us unnoticed, but they are locked in a battle

older than time, with our future hanging in the balance.

For thousands of years the Archons have operated from the secrecy of the shadow realm to decimate the human race, and are finally poised to destroy us. Standing against them are the Irin, a benevolent race of winged aliens with great power but limited num

bers. As our planet sinks rapidly toward apocalyptic doom, our only hope lies in the synaxis, a group of ordinary men and women conscripted by the Irin and given supernormal powers.

But it’s a race against time. And as the synaxis members trek across the Scottish highlands to open the ancient dimensional portal on Iona, they must overcome heavily-armed psychopaths, flying bat-winged demons, and the awakening of a long-dormant volcano. Most of all, they must learn how to use their fantastic new powers to drive back the Archons and rescue the world from destruction.

Angels & Demons

IONA PORTAL is the realAngels and Demons.” It’s an epic story of angels, demons, and inter-dimensional warfare. Though Iona Portal is a work of fiction, many of the events it describes are true.

“Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth Unseen, both when we wake and when we sleep.” – John Milton, Paradise Lost

“Every society in human history has recorded contacts with angels. Students of prehistoric cultures have found pictures of winged humanoids scrawled on the walls of caves in every part of the earth. They’re described in the writings of Plutarch and carved in the monuments of Babylon and Persia. The Hebrews called them the benai Elohim, the ‘sons of God.’ The early Christians named them angelloi. Vikings called them valkyries. To Hindus, they’re devas, the ‘shining ones.’ In primitive Shamanism they’re simply called the bird people. The persistence of these accounts through history, and the amazing similarity of the reports, tells me we’re dealing with something very real.” Michael Fletcher, Iona Portal

“Angels come to us disguised.” – James Russell Lowell

“Most traditions teach that angels and demons often walk among us unnoticed. Your Catholic Bible warns you to always treat strangers kindly, because you never know when a stranger might be an angel.” – Michael Fletcher, Iona Portal

“It is not known precisely where angels dwell – whether in the air, the void, or the planets.” – Voltaire

“Your world is part of a multi-dimensional universe. Your physicists are only now beginning to recognize this.” – Eliel, Iona Portal

“Angels move from one dimension to another. They shift in and out of our world as easily as we move from shadow into sunlight.” – Michael Fletcher, Iona Portal

“Angels have always protected the human race. But all that’s now changed. The powers of darkness are moving among us with a new boldness… Some kind of battle is brewing.” – Michael Fletcher, Iona Portal

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