Thursday, June 2, 2011

WARNING - Internet Identity theft - Be Aware!

This is not something that I usually would blog about - But this is really just WRONG.

People's identities and lives are being stolen and ruined by people like this!

Here is an email I received today. Obviously I reported it as scam straight away. But some people don't and actually respond to scams like this - don't be one of them!

khalili ibrahim to bcc: me
show details 9:21 PM (10 minutes ago)

Your Information,

Please permit me to brief you as indicated herein.

I am attached to a security company vault with the Dubai airport authority in-charge of unclaimed goods, as the store manager.

I have not disclosed the content of this consignment to any person in my office before sending you this email. I need absolute confidentiality and secrecy please in case you will be fit in the deal. The consignment Based on this scan report is containing about USD10,000,000.00- coded cash money, in dollar bills.

If you can be trusted please reply quickly so we can talk on how to bring it out for our both interest. for perual.Contact me with the following information’s:-

1 Phone And Fax Number,
2 Address
3 Your Full Name.
4 Company Name
5 Your Age

Please, this needs an urgent attention, if interested. I will attache the scan copy result to you soonest you have replied and upon request. Respond to this e-mail on (

Best regards,

Dr Khalili Ibrahim,

Please report emails like this and stop identity theft. Patti Roberts

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