Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fallen River By Angela B. Wade

When Sarah James wakes up at the dark end of a back alley on Christmas Eve, she wants nothing more than to leave behind the memory of the monster who attacked and nearly killed her.

Five months later, however, that same monster shows up on her doorstep with an apology and explanation that threatens to shatter everything she believes.

After being unceremoniously kicked out of Heaven for leading a botched rebellion, the only thing a war-weary fallen angel wants is a chance at redemption.

He just doesn’t expect that chance to come in the form of a headstrong, whip-smart human…atheist. Preparing his fiery new charge for a life of demon slaying while keeping the wolves from her door won’t be easy, but the real test comes when the battle’s through.

Will he play by the rules and return to the fold? Or risk everything to stay with the woman who has become his home?

Customer Reviews
"Fallen River" is a story that stimulates the imagination.
Intriguing, to say the least. I felt as if I were walking along in Sarah's footsteps; entranced to read on until all the pieces of the puzzle were in place. And then I was left at the end longing for more.

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