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The Divorce Club New release by Jayde Scott

A bitter divorce from a two-timing husband leaves Sarah with no money to fend for her daughter, but she won't be beaten, so she opens The Divorce Club, a meeting place for women who want to divorce their cheating husbands, but don't know how.

Soon things start to go seriously wrong. A fake client and her rising interest in him isn't Sarah's only worry; there's also the moody teenager, a stalker, and the club's personalized battle plans that start to involve more than flashing a confident smile and running a 24/7 hotline.
When Sarah's ex-husband moves in without her permission in the hope to patch things up, chaos seems complete.

Readers who enjoy books by Sophie Kinsella, Meg Cabot and Candace Bushnell will enjoy THE DIVORCE CLUB, a fun chick lit novel by Jayde Scott. The author of the Ancient Legends series offers up a delightful new novel, filled with her trademark wit and humour.

Full-length novel: 80,400 words, approx. 320 print pages

Reader review:

5.0 out of 5 stars FANTASTIC read!, June 20, 2011

This review is from: The Divorce Club (Kindle Edition)
If you're looking for a book filled with humor and witty dialogue, look no further-you've found it. This is the perfect recipe of romance, chick lit, friendship, offbeat characters with distinctive voices, hilarious situations, surprising plot twists, and wit all rolled into one. I found this book impossibly hard to put down. It was so fun to read and so well written I couldn't resist the urge to keep reading late into the night!

There are support groups for people with a gambling addiction, food addiction, smoking addiction, adoption, caregivers, home schooling, and so many more. So why not one for people who are going through a divorce?

Sarah is a single mother and needs to put food on the table. With her best friend, Mel, at her side, she decides to spread her wings and fly. Sarah risks everything and every dime she has into her new business venture and opens up The Divorce Club. Going through a divorce herself, she feels she can really help people through the pain and help them get their life back on track. Sarah gets a handful of clients and couldn't be more excited as she throws herself into her new role.

Working for the first time in her life, she learns what it's like to juggle a career and a moody teenager. If that's not enough, Sarah is suddenly being stalked, her ex-husband moved back into her home WITHOUT her permission, her clients are MORE than a handful, and a new hunky man, Jaime, has joined the club. How can she run a meeting when the guy can't stop flashing his pretty blue eyes, making her heart pound a million miles a minute? What kind of joke is destiny playing? The timing stinks with all the chaos in her life, it seems as life has dropped a bomb.

When she helps Jaime try and get his life back on track, she can't fight the attraction, and the chemistry between them is hotter than the blazing sun itself. But with the ex-hubby trying to sabatash the new budding relationship (and her new business) any chance he gets, and with her best friend, Mel, constantly whispering in her ear all the pitfalls of dating Jaime, things are getting hectic. Ex-hubby even gets more jealous when Sarah's teenage daughter, Sam, bonds immediately with Jaime. Sarah is thrilled that Sam accepts Jaime. So things are starting to look great, but Jaime has secrets of his own which add an amazing twist you won't believe. Will Sarah forgive and forget?

When more plot twists surface, Sarah is in danger of losing everything she loves and has worked so hard for, from her daughter to her beloved Divorce Club. Sarah stays strong and fights for everything she cherishes close to her heart, even when everything is crashing and burning around her.

I found my self rooting for Sarah, like her very own cheerleader. I wanted her to fall in love again and be successful enough to stand on her own two feet. I smiled, I sighed, I laughed, I cried. I was right there with Sarah on her journey. One thing I loved about the main character is that she wasn't whiny or cliché. She's strong, independent, down-to-earth, intelligent, sarcastic, hardworking, and just flat out rocks. My kind of woman for a heroine!

The Divorce Club comes alive with vibrant, colorful characters, an original plot and story line, and twists and turns you won't believe. I was completely surprised at the end. The pace is perfect and there was plenty of suspense. You'll love the wit and humor. This is definitely a must read!

About the Author:

Jayde's a writer at night with a serious addiction to chocolate and checking that the doors are locked. She lives in London with her family and two cats.

A JOB FROM HELL, the first book in the paranormal series ANCIENT LEGENDS is out now.
Book 2, BEELZEBUB GIRL, will be released in June 2011.

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