Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ebook for free - The Asking - and other stories Ebook By Charles G. Timm

My ebook needs reviews! So, this month I’m offering it for free in exchange for your posted opinion. Whether that's positive or negative is up to you, but of course positive helps me more.

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Ebook Description

Seven short stories, intensely concerned with young people at the heart of change, struggling to do the right things in moments of surprising revelation, when life alters, often in unrecognizable ways, and it falls to the young to win back love, rescue friends, stand against the crowd, be the voices in the chaos, in lives as meaningful as those of any adult.

Charles G. Timm


Charles G. Timm is an American author from New Jersey, who has earned a B.A. in English, worked as a journalist, salesman, and bartender, and now practices several art forms, especially writing, acting, and drawing.

Where to find Charles G. Timm online:

Facebook: Facebook profile

Here are the link and the code to make the download free:

Code: UV95G

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Timm's short story collection. I am eagerly awaiting his next work.


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